Less of me

In meetings on October 9, 2008 at 10:05 am

Oh there you are. Where have you been. Me? Oh I’ve been doing stuff. Lots of work things that I can’t particularly talk about and some personal stuff that I can.

There’s now less of me that there was none weeks ago – three and  a half stone to be precise – thanks to LighterLife which despite the branding does cover men as well. I think I’ve done the easy bit – losing the weight; the hard bit (maintenance) is still to come. But I feel much better and its reflecting in many aspects of life.

I’m at the Future Of Web Applications Conference at the atmosphere is electric. I’ll blog any interesting insights that come during the next two days, but for now I’m just enjoying being at an event that I choose to be at rather than one that I am required to be at.

Earlier this year I held a hack session at home during the Olympics – only three were able to make it (I chose a particularly bad weekend when many people were leaving for holiday), but we had a great time and learned a lot. The tangible results are at Inigo Surguy’s website and we are inspired to do more similar events.

Next month there’s a SWIG UK event at HP Labs in Bristol which I’ve helped organise. Sign up now if you are interested as there is a finite number that can be accommodated.

That’s all for now except to say that I haven’t disapperaed off the web between blog posts – I’m also twittering which for the uninitiated is a micro-blogging system that has some interesting social artefacts. See you there, perhaps?

  1. it’s alive!!!! **screams**

    just in time for Halloween…

    nice to have you back *wink*


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