Opportunity Costs

In general on September 26, 2007 at 7:56 pm

One side-effect of DIS29000 (the fast track submission to ISO of Microsoft’s office formats) is the saturation of effort from those involved in the ‘normal’ XML standards creation and promotional activities. This was evident is the lackadaisical response to the proposal to adopt STX as the basis for streaming transformations in the ISO DSDL activity, and the general slow-down on development activities. At a more local level, there has been a notable absence of activity within XML:UK (the user group for markup users in England). At XML:UK’s Publishing 2.0 event back in April, it was mooted that there would be an XForms workshop, a members meet and some other activities this year. With just over three months to go in 2007, there is no sign of any of these events.

With the demise of the interchange publication (which I edited for years as a user group syndicated publication from the International SGML/XML Users Group), the value gained in XML:UK membership needs to be demonstrable. The opportunity cost of not acting is far greater than the risk of providing the imprimatur to others to create value for members. There is plenty of energy to tap into: XML adoption continues to grow and the proliferation of ad hoc events show the demand for grass roots activities.


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