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In general, meetings on July 19, 2007 at 5:53 pm

One of my favourite social networks BBC Backstage has pointed me in the direction of TED a website/community/event that applies high production values to its activities and has opened them up so that anyone can participate. So given that it obviously altruistically inclined, is based on spreading ideas and has the aforementioned high production values (check out the typography on their videos), why am I left cold about this enterprise?

The problem I sense is the notion that it’s possible to construct an elitist club and then open its gates to the masses. This jars with my sense of merit-based systems. The organizers have obviously realised that they didn’t have all the best people- and they reacted by building a system where level of membership is bought rather than earned. At least they have reacted to the web, a mere dozen years after any reasonable thinker could see that it might be important!

That’s not to say that TED hasn’t got some great material included – just that I question its thought leadership amongst something as direct as how to practice …. thought leadership. There are gems there and I’m delighted to see the high level to which video content has been produced – this skill needs to become the norm and we all need to be more comfortable with the tools and techniques required to present audiovisual information. Especially now that the tools are so low cost, that video is having its own desktop publishing revolution.


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