Personal Subversion

In general on July 11, 2007 at 7:21 pm

Installed the subversion source version control system today using some online instructions. Realising that I had as much as is needed for personal use before the end of the first page, I was struck how easy it is to have a personal version control system. This is particularly useful for people writing code who may want to roll back to an earlier incarnation and focus on problem solving rather than personal administration, but the same principles apply to any intellectiual property where earlier versions have potential value. In publishing the concept of the published verision has long held sway. With the emergence of collaborative authoring and living documents, this idea of finality is being challenged. Familiarity with versioning creates shared experiences and expectations. This in turn will provide an understanding of collaborative workflow management issues.  So build your own personal content management system today, and start versioning your world – before Apple does it for you.

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